Be smarter with Wifi controlled sockets UK

by Angela

Do you want to convert your old school houses into modern houses? Would you like to have a smart household application? Then you have to check WiFi controlled sockets UK. As you got an idea from its name, it is a wall socket for providing electricity to electrical devices. But what makes it different is that it has a touch of smartness and automation. It comes with many outstanding features, so let us go through some of them.

Wi-Fi controlled sockets UK features

The wall socket is a smart one, as it can be controlled via a wireless connection. All you have to do is install the “Tuya app” in your mobile and control the socket’s functionality through this app. They offer you double and triple three-pin switch sockets according to your needs. Furthermore, there are two usb ports present in them. You can use them to charge your cellphones.

So, you can charge up to 5 phones at the same time. They also have physical buttons to on or off the switches manually. It can be helpful if you have kids around. There are also LEDs indicating vibrant colors showing whether the sockets are on or off. You can safely use them at any place you want, such as hotels, malls, houses, offices, etc. The socket has four overload protections making sure no damage is done to your electronic devices or your place. Multiple protection means more and better safety and security.

Some of its additional characteristics include:

  • High-temperature Flame retardant material
  • Electrical Leakage prevention
  • Can work with many virtual platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Dimensions are 145.80 mm x 86 mm x 8.10 mm (Length x height x width)
  • Effortless installation

Voice control feature:

Make the best use out of the latest technology as now you can control your home appliances by your voice. The voice control feature enables you to switch the socket to be opened or closed without any physical touch. It can work well with many smart systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. Hence, just give the commands through your voice and all the lights of your room will turn on or off. Isn’t it a life changing miracle of science?

Be smarter with Wi-Fi sockets

Be the trendsetter and upgrade your place with these smart sockets. You can still turn your Air conditioners and fans to turn on or off if you are away from your office or home. All you have to do is open the Milfra app from your mobile phone and leave the rest to the application. By socket’s timer option, you can also save a lot of electricity and energy that is wasted during standby of switches. You can set the timer to on and off of the sockets, and it will automatically cut the electricity after the fixed time. Hence making your wall socket a convenient and smart accessory. Bring comfort in your life with these smart devices as living an effortless life isn’t a dream anymore.

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