Benefits of wall hung vanity basins

by Angela

Vanity basins provide exquisite appeal to any bathroom, and it is for this reason most people install these beauties in their bath place. The fact that vanity basins meet a variety of needs cannot be overstated. However, the use of the wrong type of vanity basin could dampen the mood.

Vanity basins come in various varieties, amongst which are the wall hung basins and the freestanding basins. Each vanity type has its peculiarities, and your ability to choose the one that suits your bathroom could prove to be a masterstroke. Bathroom wall vanity units are those basins that are attached to the wall of the bathroom.  This article takes a look at some of the reasons why you might prefer the wall hung basin in your bathroom.

They have the modern look

You might want to argue that the vanity basin is not a fashion item, but then these basins provide the utmost aesthetical background. Having a stylishly designed vanity sitting on the wall of your bathroom is simply a sight to behold. In most cases, the sleeky design of these vanities combines well with the wall colors. Furthermore, wall hung vanities blend well with glass showers and other sophisticated bathroom features.

Tiles are more visible

It’s no gainsaying that many people invest lots of money in the tiling of their bathroom. These tiles come in unique patterns that provide extra appeal in many ways. However, installing your vanity on the floor might take away this appeal as the vanity will cover a chunk of the floor space. If you’re the type that likes the view of your tiles, then the wall hung vanity is just perfect for you.

Convenience is assured

You cannot deny the fact that vanity basins serve a whole lot of purposes in the bathroom. You might have observed that most of your morning routines go through the vanity basin in one way or another. Activities like brushing are done via the vanity stand, not to mention the storage cabinet it houses. Having a wall hung vanity provides ease of accessibility and convenience. You don’t have to bend over every day to pick items from the vanity cabinet.

Additional space

Every little space counts in the bathroom, and this is precisely where the wall hung bathroom vanity proves handy. Although the vanity cabinet offers storage space, certain assets can’t be kept in this inner space. Beneath the vanity is a plethora of space where you can save a variety of bathroom gadgets.

It doesn’t entrap dirt

You must have noticed that certain dirt like hair and dust get entrapped beneath your standing vanity; this is definitely not the case with wall hung vanities. Cleaning and maintenance routine is also made easier due to the position of these vanity types.

Final thought

Having to decide between the installations of standing vanities and wall hung vanities could prove tedious at most times. However, the choice of vanity is dependent on your preferences and priorities. This article highlights some of those benefits that come with the installation of a wall hung vanity in your bathroom.

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