Can an Old House have Clean Exterior Walls?

by Angela

Over time, the outer walls of your home can look old and dirty. Most people do not clean exterior walls as they think it is a massive task but it should be done regularly once or twice a year.

An old-looking home can easily lower the value of your house, which is something you should take seriously if you have plans to move out and sell someday. A good washing may be all you need to increase the value of your home too!

Tips and tricks to have clean exterior walls

Do some pre-cleaning and repairs

Before you start washing your walls, you should check if the windows, doors, molding, or roof needs any repairs. Deal with the damages first before you do the cleaning. Washing near these areas may just make the damage worse – especially if you will be using a pressure washer.

If your house walls are made from rocks, bricks, or masonry, you should check out the condition of your mortar first. If the mortar needs fixing, deal with it first and wait for a week before you start washing your walls.

Make sure to check the gutter for any blockage. Clear the gutters as well before you start any cleaning on the walls.

Trim down any shrubs, branches, or foliage that are close to the walls before you clean them.

Use environment-friendly cleaning products

Since you are cleaning a huge area outdoors, it is best to use environment-friendly cleaning products.

A lot of cleaners can have harsh chemicals in them that can be toxic enough to kill off your plants and give you and your neighbors health problems.

Use a pressure washer responsibly

A pressure washer is best for outdoor cleaning. It is not only effective but it also saves you a lot of time and effort. If you do not have one, try renting out from a local hardware store or cleaning company, or check if someone you know has one that you can borrow.

A pressure washer is a powerful tool so make sure that you know how to handle it. You mustn’t stand close to the wall while you spray it. To prevent damages on the surface, keep the hose moving instead of hitting one spot directly. Make sure to use low pressure near windows and doors. Take extra care if you need to use a ladder to reach the top walls since the pressure can push you backward.

Power up your garden hose

If you have a small home, a durable garden hose will do the job. You can get a hose attachment that can give you higher pressure for stubborn areas. This is a worthy investment because it will allow you to pressure clean other items too.

Protect your plants

If there are trees or plants near the walls of your home, make sure to water them first. This will stop them from absorbing the chemicals you use to clean the walls.

Clean up!


Years of pollution, dust, dirt, mildew, mold, cobwebs, animal waste, pollen, leaves, and so many other factors can make your home look like it is older than it really is. When you make it a habit, having clean exterior walls is achievable and easy to maintain! Make sure to always wear protective clothing when you do this task!

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