Do We Need a Bathroom Vanity? Here’s What We Think

by Angela
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From time to time, many people like to ask why they need a bathroom vanity. They see it in every modern bathroom design they see online or elsewhere. Why so?

The simplest answer is because you need it as it can be useful for all sorts of purposes. In this article, we will explain why every modern bathroom needs a bathroom vanity.

Reasons why you need a bathroom vanity


This is probably not the most important reason for many folks, but then again, a bathroom without a vanity feels and looks incomplete. Apart from that, it also defines your style. Imagine that you get a visitor, and he/she needs to use the bathroom. It is going to make an ever-lasting impression.

The best part about vanities is that they are available in all styles and designs. Websites like myhomeware vanity offer varieties in all styles, designs, and made of all sorts of materials.

If you can’t find one there, you can always pay someone to make a custom vanity for you. It will cost a little more, but it will be in perfect tune with your bathroom.

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The Practical Side of Bathroom Vanity

Now, this is something that most people like to hear as an argument to why have a bathroom vanity, even if it is a small bathroom. Bathroom vanities are, in most cases, used as a storage space to store all sorts of stuff.

As a storage unit, the bathroom vanity is used to store stuff such as towels, hygiene products, medications, bathroom supplies, filthy clothes that need to be washed, and pretty much anything that needs to be in the bathroom. 

Some of the newest models even come with built-in Bluetooth audio, anti-fog technology, shaver sockets, ambient lighting, charging stations, and so on. 

Why Don’t Some Folks Like a Bathroom Vanity?

In most cases, when people claim that they dislike the idea of bathroom vanity is because of two prevailing reasons. First of all, most of them are repelled by the idea they need to spend more money, on top of what they’ve already spent on a bathroom renovation.

Most of them are fine with having one or two bins that hold some of their stuff, as well as their hanging cabinet where they keep their meds, toilet products, as well as their basic hygiene products. Usually, everything is all piled up on each other. 

In Conclusion

Bathroom vanities have been around for many years now, but they have never been more popular than in the last couple of years. They are part of every modern and fully functional bathroom. 

They are an absolute necessity for families with kids. Whether for singles or couples, they make the difference between a chaotic bathroom and one that appears in perfect order. 

Yes, you need a vanity. Even the cheapest ones are much more practical than having two bins and a tiny medical cabinet where you store everything from hygiene products to toilet cleaners and other stuff.

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