Find some types of conference room designs which can be incorporated in a corporate

by Angela

Theater style conference room

A conference which invites more or less than 100 participants theatre or auditorium style conference hall is set up inside the business house. For this number of participants there is a need of 900-1000 square foot meeting place followed by 7-9 sq feet reception per person. This style conference room can be innovative and made creative with allowances such as staging, audio-video projection, and tables. At the same time this type of conference room will require upgraded and bright interior lighting system.

Classroom style conference room

Classroom style conference room is generally similar to the name it suggests i.e. classroom style having a chair in front for the speaker and rows of conference tables providing with writing board. This type of conference room is specifically for small or average participants, who ideally jot down notes, meeting that require multiple handouts, and other things like computers or laptops.

Boardroom conference room

This type of conference is easy to setup with rectangular or round table with numerous chairs all around. Boardroom style is frequently used for small number people usually conducting board of director meetings, committee meetings, or group discussions.

U-shaped conference room

U-shape conference room is setup with U shape table and chairs all around the outside. This type of conference room is similar to boardroom where small conferences, presentations, meetings and group discussions are held.

Hollow rectangle

Hollow rectangle conference room arranges a square or other table which has empty center design. This type of conference room board’s 20-30 people and the interaction is advantageous.

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