Modern Office Flooring

by Angela

Office flooring is subjected to more wear and tear than any other surface in the room, and it is therefore imperative that it be hardy and resilient.

Don’t feel daunted! It can seem as though there are too many possibilities and flooring options for your office space. You possibly thought that selecting something for the floor would be one of the simplest decisions you would need to make for the interior of your business. There are a considerable number of alternatives and here we bring you some of the most popular and reputable choices.
Today we enter the world of tile! Porcelain tile, ceramic tile, patterned tile, marble tile… The possibilities are endless! In fact, more and more homeowners are choosing tile over carpeting because it’s easy to clean, and it’s undeniably elegant. In fact, tile can mimic other types of flooring, including wood!

  • Choice of flooring material will depend on the function of a given area and its requirements where durability, appearance, cost and maintenance are concerned.
  • Flooring materials vary greatly. Hard flooring such as stone, granite, marble, kota are best suited.
  • Wood, cement, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, are the other oprtion but they are usually noisier.
  • Soft coverings such as vinyl or carpeting, but they are hard to maintian.
  • Flooring can be used as a design tool not only in an obvious choice of material and color, but to demarcate departments, private/public areas and circulation paths, by a selective use of different hues and surfaces.

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