Modern Office Pantry Designs

by Angela

Every office pantry is an important area to be concerned about when it comes to office interior decorations. Suggest the best designs to the interior decorators for making a lovely office pantry. And also furnish your office pantry with perfect furniture available with the office furniture dealers.

For offices that can afford the space, a clean well designed and pleasant looking cafeteria or canteen will help employees relax.

The basic storage units such as the cupboards, filing cabinets, drawer unit, open shelf, are still as useful as ever, whether they are free standing or built into walls, or used in lieu of the partitions to save space.
A storage cupboard, shelves or hooks can hold the cups and saucers, plates, cutlery, tea, coffee, sugar, etc. A small compact refrigerator is useful for storing milk, cold drinks, preserving food items, etc.
A good garbage storage system will help circumvent the inevitable mass of tea dregs, papers etc.
Disposable plastic cups, plates, if economically viable can save on maintenance and cleaning.
Is your office pantry looks outdated and sober? You can always transform it as an enjoyable place by making small amendments in the office interior design at the pantry. Following are some modern office pantry ideas.

Alter the Mood with Wall Paints
Change the color of your pantry to a funky and a cool looking one. Colors with textures and with various shades will give a modern look to the pantry as a vital office interior. Colors like bright orange, red, light green with black, magenta and wall paints with different textures will give a Cool Cafeteria look to your pantry.

Include Funky Artifacts in the Interior
Including modern artifacts will add more poise to the office interior design. Includign stylish mirrors, a ceramic flower vase, colorful clay pots, kites etc. will give a welcoming look to your pantry. The cost of these artifacts will not be more than Rs. 1000 each even if you pick up the classy pieces.

Lighting Makes a Difference
Change the lighting of your pantry. Do not go for very bright lighting style as it will give a jarring look to the office interior design. And also be watchful about not going for dim light shades! Include some colorful hanging lamps or lights in your pantry interiors as make a pleasant ambience.

Choose Best Furniture
The best office interior design lies in choosing good furniture. Never opt for couches or bean bags for office pantry even if the pantry has a waiting lobby. Elegant tables that are spacious with more chairs to accommodate enough people will fulfill the purpose behind including office pantry in the office interior decorations. Arm chairs are not mandatory for pantry areas. You can also make avail folding chairs as furniture surplus and also as decorative.

Buffet Works Well
Make avail a lengthy table in your office pantry. This is the right choice for having small celebrations inside office like birthday celebrations etc. And also self serving system or a buffet system will work better if you provide food to your employees.

Make Avail Modern Pantry Utensils
Choosing modern utensils will add more lush to the pantry interior designs. Add modern utensils to the pantry and it is recommended if you do not go for flimsy crockery.

Apart from the above mentioned inclusions, if you work on your office interior designs, especially pantry area based on themes like go – green, deepwoods, coffee club, dhaba look, photo gallore, wonders of earth etc. you can make the office pantry ‘the best place to dine at’!

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