Find some types of conference room designs which can be incorporated in a corporate

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Theater style conference room A conference which invites more or less than 100 participants theatre or auditorium style conference hall is set up inside the business house. For this number of participants there is a need of 900-1000 square foot meeting place followed by 7-9 sq feet reception per person. This style conference room can […]

Modern Office Pantry Designs

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Every office pantry is an important area to be concerned about when it comes to office interior decorations. Suggest the best designs to the interior decorators for making a lovely office pantry. And also furnish your office pantry with perfect furniture available with the office furniture dealers. For offices that can afford the space, a […]

Modern Office Flooring

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Office flooring is subjected to more wear and tear than any other surface in the room, and it is therefore imperative that it be hardy and resilient. Don’t feel daunted! It can seem as though there are too many possibilities and flooring options for your office space. You possibly thought that selecting something for the […]

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