What Constitutes a table and floor lamp set

by Angela

LED reading table and floor lamps comprise LEDs enclosed in a PVC shielded casing formed into a patented shape. This shape permits even light distribution and generates a common light effect and cost-efficient than traditional neon lights. Why choose a table and floor lamp set for your reading?

LEDs generate equally distributed light as traditional neon lights at a comparatively small portion saving you up to 80% of energy; additionally, these lights are lasting and durable.

Contemporary LED reading lights are costly but have many advantages that justify their costs. The light is made of silicon, which is heat resistant and waterproof. It preserves its exterior color without fading. It is available in two kinds, the S and D types. D type is designed to be used around buildings, and S type is for customizing any character or number.

Features of a Contemporary Table Lamp


Their unique design provides cuttable and adjustable modules that are easily bent into various shapes and positions to produce mesmerizing effects for multiple designs.

2.Dimmable Brightness

These reading lights have a chip density of one hundred and eight chips per meter to offer more lumen output and better heat dissipation. They shine brighter and last longer due to the slow decomposition of LED chip life.

3.Adjustable Length

Pair, match and mix various lengths to obtain your desired length. It is easy to install and use.

4.The IP65 tube

 The LED reading neon lights are made from durable PVC material with eminent anti-UV ability suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It provides 360 degrees illumination because of its tubular design.

5.Excellent Bright F5 LED Bulb

The bulb is fabricated using a silicone UV-resistant material for good conductivity. It doesn’t quickly burnout and is resistant to high temperatures.

Applications of Table Lamps

LED table lamps to have lights used in automotive lighting, business displays, exterior lightning, behind advertisements, decorative lightning, illuminating artwork, bars and clubs, signs and artistic displays, architectural decorative lighting, kitchen and office lighting, and illuminating canopies and walkways.

Why use LED Table Lamps for Your Projects?

  1. The combination of a set of opaque PVC tubing and rising SMD innovation provides neon rope light with the ability to imitate the brightness and uniformity of light generated by traditional light. It enables you to provide your business or restaurant with the attention it is worthy of through the brightest neon rope lights.
  2. The SMD led neon lightsare used for both outdoor and indoor applications.
  3. You can choose from eight different unique colors or from the RGB option, which applies to a multiple-function controller to give you all the colors.

Recommended Tips for Use

  • The size of F5 neon rope and SMD neon rope light vary. Please purchase according to your project need.
  • All connections have to be enclosed using a waterproof or silicone sealant and a weatherproof heat tape when installing outdoors.
  • Make sure the rope PVC layersremain intact. Don’t rub the rope against rough objects like uneven walls.
  • Always unplug the LED neon lightfrom the source of power before doing any replacement or repairs.
  • Do not connect to a source of power before you install the rope. Connect the string using the user’s manual.
  • Confirm the LED neon’s voltage before you connect it to the power source. Avoid damaging the rope by being sure that the source voltage and the LED string correspond.
  • After fastening and cutting the rope, apply a non-conducting super glue to lock and seal the connections.

Final Thoughts


The best table reading lamp light’s brightness is dimmable, with a parallel configuration wiring to offer excellent fault efficiency and tolerance. With this, it is reliable and safe to use.

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